Realistic Character

Panacea, the perpetual quest for the cure-all elixir.  This illustration got featured in the 3DTotal and Blenderartists galleries. One of Panacea's aims was to overcome the Uncanny valley.

Characters for Mobile Games

I worked as 3D Modeler and Texture artists for Frismos Games. I created many of the dog characters for their pet simulation game.

Product Visualization

Here you will find 3d visualizations of products for marketing and other selling campaigns.

3D Animation

Here you will find quadruped animations and a desk presentation.

2D Animation

I worked as 2D Animator and Rigger for MobileX Labs. I rigged and animated the characters of Celebrity Street Fight game.

Web development

Web development of Naxostrek. The guide to hiking the trails of Naxos. Find more information at

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